Apex Green Energy, LLC is a Texas-based energy management advisory firm with international scope representing small to mid-size business owners, commercial real estate owners/managers, manufacturers and general end-users of energy (both electricity and natural gas). We provide our clients with the tools and market insight required to reduce operating costs and navigate through the complex and often burdensome process of evaluating energy procurement choices and energy efficiency capital projects. Our proactive and objective approach to energy management is strengthened by our deep market knowledge and experience across multiple asset product types and energy product offerings.

Our service offerings include energy procurement advisory, sustainable energy initiatives, demand response (energy curtailment programs), energy bill auditing and analysis, tariff review (in non-competitive markets), energy budgeting, utility data management, market monitoring, utility tax consulting, and demand-side solutions (lighting retrofit, etc.).

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UPDATE: An interest piece about corporate sustainability will be featured on The Daily Energy Report. CEO & Chief Conversationalist Ben Lack brings us a comprehensive look at what is taking place in the world of energy. Visit their site today and subscribe to their podcast.